Italian Cooking Courses in Venice

My basic Italian cooking classes comprise 3 options: 1/3/7 days

Each course will teach you the basics of Italian cuisine, they are suitable for everyone and no previous experience is required. The ingredients will be of daily use and available on the market in all the world. Each recipe will be of Italian tradition and will mainly follow the principles of the ”Mediterranean diet”.

private lessons

Cost: 250 euros, all included. 
The classes will be of not more than 2 persons.

3 day courses 

Cost: 650 euros, all inclusive.
The classes will be of not more than 2 persons.

7 day courses 

Cost: 1.000 euros, all inclusive.
The classes will be of not more than 4 persons.


Suitable for anyone who wants to acquire basic or advanced cooking according to Italian style. You can choose among the suggested recipes of my course or any other particular Italian recipe. I can organise the cooking schedule according to preference.


An introductory course to Italian cuisine. I teach how to cook simple dishes but much appreciated through out the world: pasta, risotto and gnocchi. Suitable for everyone, no previous experience is required.


An expressive course aimed to get an idea of what Italian cuisine is all about and what are the basic dishes. We will suggest in total 30 different dishes for main course which are: pasta, risotto, lasagne, gnocchi, meat, fish and desserts. 10 different Italian wines will be combined to each dish. We will only use fresh vegetables so dishes can vary from season to season. During the course, I will provide each participant with the recipes, ingredients and procedure to make the dishes suggested during the course.

I do not offer cooking courses only but also a proper authentic holiday surrounded by the Venetian atmosphere. Besides the cooking school, there will be further entertainment every afternoon all far from the touristic routes. I would like my guests to enjoy real Italian life style.

The classes start every morning at 10 a.m. We will have breakfast all together and then I will present the day’s menu. We will then get started in order to cook lunch and eat it together. From 2 to 6 p.m. we will be visiting the most authentic areas of the city, boat trips, shopping in the best shops, visits to museums. At 6 p.m. cooking classes will start again and dinner will be cooked. At 8 p.m. we will all be sitting at the table. 

Cooking and Travelling - gondola Venice